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The Beginning of a Legacy

by - Feb 05, 2009

The Rawls College of Business in the midst of constructing a state-of-the-art building that advances the school on its path to preeminence in business education. The future facility, which will anchor the university’s new major North Campus Gateway off the Marsha Sharp Freeway, will feature the university’s iconic Spanish renaissance architecture. It will be a source of great pride for students, graduates and the entire university.

Greater Faculty and Student Interaction
Smaller classrooms, breakout and meeting rooms, centers of excellence, easily accessible faculty offices and study areas will foster more faculty/student interaction. In addition, this contemporary configuration of space will enable students to work more easily on team projects outside the classroom.

Connecting with Today’s Professionals
The new facilities will allow for more conferences, symposiums, presentations and banquets that will strengthen ties between the school and business leaders. Recruiters also will have convenient access to prospective students in a Career Center that mutually benefits employers and candidates. These stronger relationships between academia and business will create a synergy of fresh ideas that will enrich faculty, students and professionals.

Modern Infrastructure
The interior of the building will continue the exterior’s Spanish-influenced décor yet seamlessly incorporate the latest high-tech amenities in communication, presentation and energy efficiency. Students and staff will enjoy optimal traffic flow throughout the building.

Attracting Faculty and Students
A building wholly dedicated to business education will give the Rawls College of Business a distinct identity that conveys its core academic excellence. Such a distinguished facility will further aid the university in its quest to attract top-notch faculty and students.