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Student Org. Spotlight: Texas Tech Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

by - Feb 28, 2017

What is the mission/purpose of SHRM?

The mission of SHRM is to stimulate interest in the field of human resources (HR) and to provide assistance in developing members’ careers in HR.

Who is eligible to join SHRM?

All students, regardless of their majors, are eligible to join SHRM. Since every person will deal with human resources in their future careers, we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn about it.

What are some benefits to joining SHRM?

The benefits of joining SHRM include, gaining further interest in human resources, hearing from career-focused speakers and opportunities for scholarships, internship and conference sponsorships. Tech SHRM is linked to the Lubbock SHRM professional chapter, so members can participate in local chapter events where they get the opportunity to network. We are also affiliated with the National SHRM chapter, so there is a discount when transitioning from a student to a professional membership.

Are there any upcoming events or activities you would like to share with students?

Our upcoming general meeting dates are March 2, April 6 and May 4. They are at 6:00PM in RCOBA 287. We are holding an industry tour on March 30 and our Lubbock and Tech SHRM networking event is April 13. There will be various community service and social events in between these as well.

How does a student join SHRM and what are the membership requirements and responsibilities?

A student can join SHRM by emailing Rawls_SHRM@ttu.edu. The membership requirement is to pay dues to become either an associate or full member. Depending on their type of membership, students can attend various events held by Tech SHRM and Lubbock SHRM.

Quotes from current members:

“Being a member of SHRM has played an instrumental role in my personal and professional development. I had the chance to build my network through the Lubbock and the National SHRM and through a sponsorship to attend the HR Southwest Conference. In addition, I am very proud to be awarded with a scholarship from the National SHRM Foundation. Overall, the organization has provided great opportunities for myself and many others,” said Vivian Luu, president of Texas Tech SHRM and a management major with a concentration in human resource management and certification in leadership.

“SHRM has helped me build strong connections with fellow students as well as with many professionals,” said Miranda Coronado a management major with a concentration in human resource management.

“Not only has SHRM allowed me to build my resume and enhance my knowledge in my field of study, but it has also given me networking opportunities that I never would have gotten otherwise,” said Dallas Nicholas, a management major with a concentration in human resource management.

“SHRM has personally benefited me by giving me the opportunity to network with Human Resource executives at socials, luncheons, and meetings. This has helped me in my job search and has opened many doors for me,” said McKenzie Roach, a management major with a concentration in human resource management.


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