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Student Spotlight: Darian Davison, Marketing

by - May 19, 2017

Darian Davison is a senior marketing major and advertising minor from Veracruz, Mexico. She has been a member of the Tech Marketing Association since Spring 2016 and served as the special events director for the organization during the Spring 2017 semester. She also works as a media marketing student assistant for the Texas Tech Student Union Building (SUB) where she manages various social media platforms and produces promotional content for events. Davison has a passion for traveling and studied abroad in Stockholm, Sweden last fall. She has traveled to 27 countries and hopes to make it 30 by the time she turns 25. She is expected to graduate in Dec. 2017. Read why she has a passion for marketing in the Q&A below.

Why did you decide to pursue a degree in marketing?

When I was in middle school I raised $2000 for my graduation trip to New York City by selling doughnuts. That’s when I realized that I was good at selling and that I really enjoyed it. It prompted me to start looking into what should I study in college and I found that marketing was a great option for me.

How has your position as special events director for TMA benefited you?

Through TMA I have met great people and made many friends. It has definitely made me more organized with my time and given me the chance to network. In addition, I have also had the opportunity learn from guest speakers from the industry that attend our business dinners.

What do you do as a media marketing student assistant for the Student Union Building and how will that experience help you secure a job after graduation?

I run all the social media for the SUB, do promotional designs with photos and videos and also do some public relations. This job has been one of the best things that has happened to me since starting at Texas Tech. When I was hired I had no background in design and did not know how to use the programs, but they gave me the opportunity to learn everything. I work in a great office full of fun, talented and kind people. The position has definitely helped me out with learning new things, encouraged me to be creative and taught me how to be professional and organized with my time. I hope all I have learned will reflect on my future and help me land a job after graduation.

What do you love most about being a Rawls College student?

I have met some really great professors at the Rawls College. I always appreciate their willingness to help me out when I need it.

What advice do you have for students interested in studying marketing at the Rawls College?

Get involved in any organization. You will meet a lot of people for networking and also develop friendships. Even though I may be biased, I will always recommend joining TMA to new students because I believe is the best organization on campus! Secondly, get to know your professors. They have helped me so much as a student. My last piece of advice is, if possible, find a job that relates to what you are interested in doing in the future. If it’s sales go and be a waiter, or work in retail, but just try to find a job that will teach you new things and will push you out of your comfort zone.


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